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Introducing “Blackline”: The Bike of The Future

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Yesterday we revealed a sneak-peak of our long-time collaboration with MNML and Method Bicycle; an urban smartbike called “Blackline“. Today, we’re ready to reveal the whole project in hi-res:

Introducing Blackline

Video by PCD Productions

Blackline is currently competing in the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Contest for a mass production run via Fuji Bikes. If you like our vision, & want to see cycling revolutionized– please VOTE FOR US in the contest! It’s really easy to do: click the link, watch the first 15 seconds of every video in order to unlock voting, then scroll to the top & cast your vote!

Here are some more details from the official press release:

Inspired by the City of Broad Shoulders, the BLACKLINE bicycle has a strong spirit and is ready for just about anything. It takes its name from Chicago’s iconic elevated train lines that run throughout the city, non-stop. While the ‘L’ will get you from station to station, the BLACKLINE is the ride that gives you the freedom to get everywhere in between.

Tough yet refined, this bike has just the right amount of street savvy. A custom Helios smart handlebar with integrated LED headlight and side blinkers utilize GPS enabled turn-by-turn navigation to help you safely navigate the urban grid. Once you reach your destination, the bike’s location can be securely tracked using a connected smartphone app.

The virtually maintenance-free drive train utilizes a sealed 3-speed SRAM hub, originally designed to endure the extreme conditions of rural Africa. It’s driven by a nearly indestructible belt drive able to withstand everything from the daily commute to the harshest winters.

The BLACKLINE’s multi-configure cargo system discreetly stores a U-lock and features removable waterproof panniers with stow-away shoulder straps so you can tote your gear from place to place. Balloon tires smooth out your ride, won’t slow you down, and lessen the worry of roadside repairs during pothole season. The BLACKLINE’s bold yet simplified frame has a singular, angled 2” tube, which makes dismounting your ride a little easier in stop-and-go traffic. And thanks to the lessons from Ferris Bueller, it features a ready-for-anything cargo system that can be configured to help get you to lunch, a museum, the ballpark, a street festival, or anywhere the wind blows in the Windy City.

Crafted for the individual who prefers life on two wheels, the BLACKLINE is the ultimate urban utility bike.

And here are some high resolution photos of Blackline:







Major thanks to MNML & Method Bicycle for inviting us to be a part of this project and believing in us enough to integrate our technology into their design! You guys rock. <3 And shoutout to Colossi Cycling for the amazing one-off bars– you guys killed it!

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