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Our First Smartbike! (Helios x MNML x Method)

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Reaching our grand vision of a smartbike is extremely important to us. So is refining our Helios platform for easy integration in all types of products. That’s why we’ve spent the last several months collaborating on a smartbike with some of the greatest minds in biking & design:

The Chicago Team (minus Helios)

We dubbed our first smartbike one-off as “Blackline,” and we’ve just now entered it into the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project. This is the leading bike design project at the moment, and we feel like we’re ready to take on the competition!

Learn more about the Oregon Manifest contest on FastCo >>>

The winner of the competition will receive a mass production run of their bike, courtesy of industry veteran Fuji Bikes (they’ve been in the biz for 111 years now!). Voting will start tomorrow, and we’ll be blasting the link out so you all can support us. In the meantime, check out the collection of photos below, chronicling our journey from concept to launch party:

blackline smartbike

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